Suzuki Austria: QMApp indispensable for "dealer data management"

"All Suzuki dealers throughout Austria can enter the weekly customer activities on their mobile phone or on the web interface. ALL data is available IMMEDIATELY to the dealer and the Salzburg head office", Roland Pfeiffenberger, MBA (Präsident Suzuki Austria)

Throughout Austria, dealers of the car company Suzuki collect "dealer data" once a week with the QMApp. "Suzuki Austria" thus ensures a uniform data structure for the whole of Austria. With the QMApp, every Suzuki dealer has access to standardised questionnaires at any time. This allows them to record all customer activities, such as the number of test drives per vehicle type, on their mobile device or on the web application and transfer them directly to the head office in Salzburg. The head office evaluates the data without any loss of time.

  • Simultaneous transfer of each adjustment to all Suzuki dealer questionnaires.
  • Data can be entered at any time on the mobile device (mobile phone)
  • Central evaluation possible at any time
  • Very simple and safe operation
  • No loss of time during data transfer